Ferstone ia a brand from the portuguese company Agostinho Fernandes, Lda.

Starting with the will of create something, that was only reachable for the human mind, arises this new brand by creating unusual and unique pieces in ceramic material.

To enhance the product’s elegance, Ferstone combined wood’s hability, iron’s resistance and aluminium’s durability with high-tech ceramic.

"I always stay amazed when I finish something. Besides staying amazed, I completely lose myself. My perfection instinct should forbid me from ending my job, in fact it should forbid me even from starting. But when I realise, I’m distracted and doing it. What I conquer is a product, in me, not from a will aplicatio, but giving it away. I begin because I don’t have the strength to think, and I finish because I don’t the soul to suspend anything."

Fernando Pessoa.